Catering to Hong Kong Since 2005

Relish Kitchen is modern catering with generosity; global style with a sassy crew of energetic staff. We customise all our menus to suit both the client and the occasion.

the art of eating well

Canapé receptions, champagne parties, corporate soirées, exclusive private dining and prestigious weddings are all in the mix.

Be it on a boat, an art gallery, in a corporate cubicle, or in the comfort of your home, Relish Kitchen can create an impressive range of possibilities to captivate the senses and the moment.

Relish Kitchen, the brainchild of Managing Director Taryne Napolitano, is committed to providing unforgettable, relaxed and enjoyable experiences for its private, retail and corporate clients.

whatever is imaginable is achievable

It is our aim to realise each client’s dream on time, on budget and beyond expectation.