Relish Kitchen is modern catering bursting with fresh, seasonal produce that we have carefully selected from exceptional suppliers from all over the world. Served with generosity by a professional crew of energetic staff, every event is personal: we customise each of our menus to suit both the client and the occasion. 

Whatever is imaginable is achievable

Delivering everything from divine chef-made canapés to easy, drop-off bites; from high-end, corporate bento boxes and private dinner parties to bespoke weddings, mixologists and design, we promise to impress your guests on budget and to go beyond expectation.

Relish Kitchen can create an impressive range of possibilities that will captivate your senses and the moment. Our focus is on understanding our clients. No matter whether it’s on a boat, in an art gallery, in a corporate cubicle or in the comfort of your own home, with Relish Kitchen, your event will be personal and unique. Nothing excites us more than having the opportunity to impress.

Our passion for quality produce is a priority

At the heart of Relish Kitchen are two passionate chefs, Creative Director Taryne Napolitano and Executive Chef Antonio Oviedo. They Collaborate to refine Relish event philosophy and to design produce-driven dishes.